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Flexible workspace matters.

Flexibility increases employee comfort, well-being, and productivity, which ultimately results in better business, a happy workforce and lower overheads.
Happy teams

Employees will be more satisfied if they like the spaces in which they can work. That means closer to eliminate commutes, diversity to encourage creativity, and focused areas that help channel productivity.

Flexible business

Try a short-term contract with WorkClub to experience maximum flexibility at minimum risk.

Make way for talent

After college conducted a survey that found 68% of millennials would be more inclined to favour a prospective company if remote work was an option. This opens your business up to top global talent.

Flexible for employees

Our network of hundreds of work and meeting spaces across the UK is navigable on our app. Employees can make on-demand bookings with ease and work where they work best between the home, HQ, and WorkClub.

Safer and greener

Enable employees to work locally, either from home or their closest WorkClub. That means less commuting time, less travel, and reduced carbon emissions. This is a safer, greener model for work.

Pay for what you use

You’ll never pay for space you don’t use. Lease payments either reduce or become obsolete.

You're in control.

Track, Measure, Analyse

Easily manage your team's flexible working strategy. Track, measure and analyse your teams usage over time under one dashboard.

Hundreds of Spaces, One Point of Access

Whether your employees need space in the suburbs, the home counties or the city, we offer all types of spaces under one membership.

Real Support from Real People

As a funded startup, we have the ability to offer a live chat service (09:00-17:00) to help your staff find the perfect space. 

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(UK available on request) 

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Flexible, cost-effective packages tailored to your organisation.

One monthly bill, not 100s of receipts. Forget about fiddly expense systems and hoarding receipts. WorkClub for Business gives you one transparent bill, with VAT information outlined.


Locations across the UK for team away days

Find and book a unique space for a team away day. Whatever your goals are, at whatever capacity and budget, we're here to help organise it.