WorkClub transforms static, single use urban real estate into dynamic, multi-use spaces.

We partner with space operators interested in monetising their space by offering it to local remote professionals.
Smart Bookings

Optimise your space, increase efficiency and get more bookings

WorkClub comes with a powerful space management dashboard, offering bookings in real-time, auto-confirmation, meeting room hire and more. Manage your space in a way that works for you.

Space and Data Management

Manage all your spaces and data in one central system

With WorkClub, you can set your own prices and capacity all under one account. Get instant access to all of your booking data, downloaded straight to your computer. We firmly believe the data collected is yours so we do not use or share it. What’s yours, is yours.

Smart Data

Data management

Whether a Finance Director, Operations Manager or General Manager, you can get instant access to the data you need.

Become a WorkClub Partner

Every WorkClub partner will be included on our map for free, giving you direct access to our growing user base. We will actively promote your space driving footfall and helping customers dwell for longer – on average, bookings last 2-3 hours.