What Is The ‘Club’ In WorkClub?

It used to be one or the other. Choosing between joining a corporate working 9-5 (que Dolly Parton) in an office or moving toward entrepreneurship and working in solidarity from the dining table. Depending on the type of professional you are, a lot of individuals don’t fit into these two cookie cutter options.

Over the last few years, coworking spaces have been popping up all over the country but for a lot of us, they still don’t fit the bill. Limited membership options. Too many members. High price tags. A ‘work, eat, sleep, repeat’ mantra that doesn’t feel quite right to everyone.

Before coworking was even a thing, there was the ‘home office’ aka, work from bed, the kitchen table..anywhere you can find a spare moment. It’s incredibly easy to fall into one of two categories when you work from home - you work every minute of every day and never log off your computer or you have a hard time starting and keeping momentum without getting distracted by the dirty dishes sitting in the sink.

We saw a need and that’s why WorkClub came to life — workspaces that help you work from where you work best. Rather than just an expensive coworking space to plug in and send one or two emails, WorkClub is a co-opportunity centered around remote workers needs. With inviting, equipped, and comfortable workspaces across London, WorkClub provides a community for entrepreneurs to achieve both personal and professional success. 

The ‘club’ in WorkClub can mean something a little different for everyone. So, what does ‘club’ mean to us?

  • Creating relationships that benefit not only the professional but individual outside of the office setting. 
  • Dumb questions don’t exist. 
  • A space where collaboration is encouraged - our community is your community. 
  • Kicking the ‘work from home blues’ by eliminating loneliness. 
  • Deals + discounts on food and drinks because caffeine is life. 
  • Community engagement opportunities that allow for networking with like-minded individuals without being a typical agenda-pushing event. 

Club means leading by example. We believe in work-life balance. Saturday and Sunday is for unplugging and recharging. Personal and professional balance can only be achieved when you make it a priority and we want our members to incorporate that lifestyle. 

WorkClub is more than just a coworking space. We are a community that celebrates and supports our members throughout their journey to live the life they aspire to create. 

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