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200+ spaces to choose from

Local, flexible and cost-effective spaces for you and your team

WorkClub's mission is to enable you to be as productive as possible in a world that’s increasingly more remote.

48% of workers today use flexible options like ours as their primary workspace solution. (OfficeRND, 2020).

Built for teams & individuals

Start small and think big by accessing WorkClub's extensive network of on-demand space. Keep your costs low and remain flexible, efficient and productive.


Consume space when you need to. Compared to an office, a co-working membership, or even your favourite cafe, WorkClub is the most cost-effective option out there.


We support teams from various industries including advertising, real estate, education, technology, health and so much more. Check-out the range of cost-effective meeting rooms for groups.


From WorkClub sponsored breakfasts to after work happy hours, you can meet-up with other remote workers at our regular meet-ups, tech workshops, show-and-tells, socials and more.


Every space will have a host on site. Some spaces will be open to the general public, some are private areas for remote workers. The app makes finding a space seamless and stress-free.

What Our Users Say

I always explore new parts of the city to get inspiration for my work and being able to find a temporary studio where to stop and go through the sketches of the day is crucial. With WorkClub I can do that everywhere in London.
Mary Cinque - Artist
I have been using Workclub for a while now for meetings close to clients and business partners. It's quick and easy to book a place and costs me a lot less than using cafes and other co-working spaces. Would definitely recommend.

George Jacklin, Founder - Maiden Ventures
Amazing experience! One of the best places to work in the city, and the perks are fantastic

Ali Jiwani - Entrepreneur in Residence
As a small office that operates as a virtual team, we are always in need of some coworking space in London! I used WorkClub and have been highly impressed by their service. I would highly recommend everyone to use this agile and easy to use service.
Kiran Kachela, Director
With the future of work changing so rapidly, WorkClub are incredibly well positioned to lead the way to a more flexible, efficient and enjoyable working environment for everyone, everywhere. We can't wait to continue to support their growth over the coming months and years
Jonathan Keeling, Crowdcube
The team are fantastic, they have created something which helps a range of different businesses from start ups to freelancers to self employed professionals to medium/large sized businesses seeking spaces to work from with high-powered WiFi, comfortable seating, that are quiet and in convenient locations around London.
Thomas Wyane - Rightlane Productions


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