From time to time, the WorkClub you’re visiting may be bustling and close to full. While we love to spread out as well, in these instances please consider sharing your space with another WorkClub member. You may even make a new connection!

We know you’ll likely need to make or take a few calls during your time at WorkClub. This is totally permitted and certainly encouraged.

If you want somewhere more private, consider booking one of the meeting rooms at your WorkClub location. If you’re not sure where it is, please feel free to ask the staff.

Please do your best to conduct calls at an appropriate volume, no louder than if you were in conversation with someone at your own table. We also ask that you do not use your speaker phone, and if you’re on a video call that you use headphones.

We also ask that you refrain from using excessive language while on your calls as to be mindful to your neighbors in space.

Lastly, please know that if the locations staff find that you are speaking too loudly on a call, they will politely approach you and ask that you speak at a lower volume or to leave.

Yes of course! We love it when teams come into WorkClub. But when you have your group discussion be sure to be mindful of others around you. Please chat at a volume respectful to others in the space.

Why not! We totally understand that when working as hard as you do, a person can get tired at times.

So go ahead, shut your eyes, even put your head down at your table to take a brief rest. Don’t forget to set an alarm!

However, fully reclining, laying down or putting your feet up on the furniture to sleep is not allowed.  


Do bare in mind that taking a nap could be distracting to other members in space (especially if you snore).

WorkClub has been built for professional adults who need a productive environment to work from.

However, of course you are allowed to bring kids with you to WorkClub, but they must be accompanied by an adult at all times and follow our rules in relation to not disturbing others in space.


The staff at the location reserves the right to ask any member to leave if a child’s behaviour becomes disruptive to others around them.

We want you to feel comfortable at WorkClub, but perhaps not quite enough to encourage working in pyjamas, socks or taking off your shoes. Part of the appeal of WorkClub is the productive setting that we offer to our members.

Please help us maintain a clean environment by wearing clothes and shoes. It’s also important to keep in mind that we are working in other businesses working environments, so bare feet are actually against the Health and Safety rules.

If you see that another member breaking the rules, you’re welcome to approach the staff to let them know. They will approach the other member and politely remind them of this policy.

Your Free Trial is fifteen consecutive days and begins the first time you check into a WorkClub location. During your free week, you’ll have unlimited access to all of our locations.  


During your trial, you can enjoy the exclusive deals we have, events, using our meeting spaces, as well as attend events taking place in our locations. Check out the Events calendar!

If you’d like, you can sign up online for your Free Trial.